Words as Weapons

Hello again…

I’ve been doubting whether am cut out for this and if I’d even have the time…but I’ve decided not to think so hard on it and just go with the flow.

So anyway, last week I was having a chat with my friend who has a friend with relationship issues. They were suppose to get married soon but apparently they’ve been fighting and they finally ended things last week amicably. Now I’ve heard the guys part of the story and its easy to put all the blame on the girl but I’ve decided its none of my business especially since I don’t even know the whole story, I’ve only seen it form the guys perspective.

The word perspective is what I want to lay emphasis on today. Even the word perspective has different perspectives… We look up at the same stars but see such different things. Its easy to say things from our perspective and judge it in the same manner with no regards for how others might view it and in the end it is we who got it wrong, its our perspective that has fault.

It’s so easy to say a lot of things on how we see something or even someone, its so easy to judge even when we don’t know the whole story, its so easy to be the negative narrator of a story you don’t even know and at the end of the day we’ve caused more harm, sometimes to the point of death.

We see victims only were we want to, forgetting that even those who are guilty are also victims. Ingnoring the fact that maybe in the course of fighting for herself or fighting for what she believed in she killed him, ignoring the fact that maybe he with his painful words turned her into a killer…but in the end he died and its her fault and she is forever punished for it.

What is the difference between a man who uses a gun to start a war and a man who uses his words to start a war. We say a lot of things we don’t know, we throw our words recklessly judging people, accusing people, judging religion, accusing religion and in the end the real victims try to fight the injustice, albeit wrongly but that may be the only option they were given and in the course of fighting for justice they are misled by evil and instead create more victims in place of their unjust treatment. Still again they are forever condemned for their reaction to the action that we spoke.

What you say can make or break a person. If evil is he who commits sin, and the devil is he who makes man commit sin, then you whose words have led others to sin makes you…?

We must first find the reason to the problem if we are to find the solution to prevent it. We wonder why people are so easily misled by evil, but we never realize that what we say might have led them to it.

Words are similar to weapons, fired wrongly and they can kill a person or in this case lead a person to kill.




4 thoughts on “Words as Weapons

  1. I learnt this the hard way that is why I never ensnare myself in relationship brouhaha. There are often no clear aggressors or oppressors, staying clear and living right yourself helps for better peace of mind.


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