Creating Solutions

The inability of people to see the overflowing opportunities that surround us is a problem that cannot be fixed by the government, maybe a visit to the optician could help but he’s probably too busy helping people with actual eye difficulties. That only leaves you to help yourself!



Hey guys, so it been a while since I posted something other than a poem but I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it still. I have to apologize for my lack of consistency on my posts but I have been a bit busy lately and was recently offered to blog for someone and it still needs a lot of processing. Once the preparation of the blog is done, I’ll give you all the details and I hope you guys could check it out. Don’t worry that won’t stop my posts on this blog, in fact I have decided to kick it up a notch and try to be more consistent. On that note, I’d like bring everyone’s notice to something that has just recently started to bug me.

As we all know the country has been in quite a state for some time now and it has gotten considerably worse even after attaining the change we then believed would be best for the country, some of us, like me, still harbor a little hope that all these problems we are facing is only momentarily and it will get better. After all it has been less than a year that change has been in power, it certainly won’t happen overnight. That aside one common thing that stands out after a review on Nigeria for over 5 years is the continuous and ever growing problem of job opportunities and the rate of unemployment and after my experience this summer I am now of the opinion that the government aren’t solely to blame for this problem.

The inability of people to see the overflowing opportunities that surround us is a problem that cannot be fixed by the government, maybe a visit to the optician could help but he’s probably too busy helping people with actual eye difficulties. That only leaves you to help yourself! I mean these days we have more problems than solutions and some people have begun to wise up and find solutions to some of these problems and make those solutions profitable so what’s your excuse? A large bunch of us are still complaining that there are not enough jobs out there while for some all it takes is a little browsing on the internet and they find various opportunities that we are clearly blind to and somehow that is the fault of the government? I have come across various young people who irrespective of the countries’ situation have found ways to survive. I mean I know someone who currently joggles  3 jobs at the same time, he’s a real estate agent, recently started a technology company and still has time to work for the government and from what I hear he’s waiting on a teaching job at University of Abuja and he’s just in he’s late twenties. Another has successfully launched her clothing line and is gradually becoming a beauty and fashion goddess and she’s still in the university. Yet another who has gradually began to startup he’s non-governmental organization with a group of other people. The list goes on and on and I’m sure we have come across many of these kinds of people. They found problems that they were looking to solve and found a way to make it profitable, even I have found a problem with the way people view their situations with such lethargy and apathy and decided to write this blog as a solution and some day it may turn out to be profitable but in the meantime blogging has opened doors to something that could be indeed profitable. And of course there are people who still aim for jobs like Doctors and Lawyers but we must understand that we certainly must have unique things to offer whatever hospital and firm we are hoping to work in while we can aim higher and try to establish ours.

Certainly it won’t be easy, but we have to stop complaining and learn to use the internet to our advantage the way other people are clearly doing and stop waiting for the government and even our parents to hand us our future. There are so many problems varying from inefficient agriculture, inadequate technology, to lack of local fashion industries here in Nigeria, and there is certainly need for those on the artistic and creative side so even as we constantly struggle there’d be those beautiful things we’d see and read that could alleviate the pain. There are so many problems to pick from we only just have to care enough to see them.

It’s time we change our mindset, instead of dwelling on the problems we have, we need to start finding solutions to them. There is no law that states we must do it alone, so if you find someone with the same goal or solution as yours, then there’s no reason you both can’t build the solution together. you might think that at least your’re not alone, but don’t be surprised when everyone has something their doing asides you, i suggest you wise up and starting dreaming and start preparing how you are going to achieve that dream.

Frankly it seems I may not stop writing but I have to. This is supposed to be a quick motivational shove to those that need it and I certainly hope you benefit from this.


see you next time.

One thought on “Creating Solutions

  1. You posted this just 2 short years ago, and Nigeria is now truly down the shitter. Setting up a business is now truly way harder, trust me I know. If there is one thing Nigeria still has overflowing in all the scarcity, deficiencies and ineffectiveness, that would be optimism. So I’ll hold on to that, and also to your words, maybe, just maybe we can outlast this present economic tsunami.


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