Why Did I Do It?

Why did i do it?
I didn’t have a choice
I didn’t want to be alone
I couldn’t be the outcast yet again
I needed to do it to be accepted

Now I’m invited to all the parties
I’m no longer a joke
I’m finally worthy of their time
I can never be the old me again
Why did i do it?

I took all the drinks they offered
I took a long drag of that weird stuff, just like they said
I even let him touch me
Why did I do it?

It’s alright if I have to cry alone at night
As long as in the day time i still have friends
As long as they still want me
I’ve given up everything for them
Why did I do it?

Each day i have to do something different
Something to keep me worthy of them
Something they’d praise me for
Something the old me would never think of
I even gave them my body
This is my life now
Why did I do it?

I see them in the distance
I run to catch up with my friends
But the thought keeps nagging
Why did i do it?
What choice did i have



We learn to love
And we love with all we have
But sometimes all we have is never enough
And love, as we would later learn will sometimes suck.

We learn to open our hearts
And we give those hearts freely with ease
But that sometimes only makes the heart more prone to pain
And open hearts, as we would later learn will sometimes break.

We learn to trust
And we trust so blindly
And that sometimes would only make us fools
And trust, as we would later learn will sometimes be foolish.

And so as you would later see
We must first learn about disappointments
Because then would the hurt, deceit and pain we would inevitably face be more bearable
And disappointments, as we must learn are a prominent part of life.