What I could have done but you might still get the chance to do


Lets go back to the time before I saw you lying still with an empty stare
Before you got to that point desperate for air
Gasping while hanging from the ceiling fan
Dangling like a pinata filled with despair

We go backwards before all was said
Before I uttered words that broke us beyond repair
Before I gave up on what I will now eternally regret

The door unshuts with you still standing there
Mouths unmoved
words retracted
Instead I hug you tightly, let you know I still care
Maybe just maybe you would still be here.

If I should have a daughter

If I should have a daughter
The first thing I will teach her is
No not how to talk
But how to listen

Listen to her voice of reason
Telling her she can achieve anything
That she holds the key to her own destiny
And not the destiny prescribed by society

I will teach her how to express herself
How to use words to communicate her thoughts
Actions to back them up
And not hide her opinions because she’s expected to

I will show her the world
And as much as I’d like to do that in reality
I might have to Improvise with a crash course in geography
And we can explore the planets with our books and imaginations
As I would teach her that books and her imaginations would be her first tool to realization

Of course I won’t forget to teach her of disappointments
And the sometimes cruel reality of expectations
Of how open hearts will sometimes break
And her trust might be on a lost cause

I will have to have the ice cream and chocolates ready
As I let her understand that tears like rain will help wash dirt away
That love as it may will sometimes lead to shattered hearts
But time will slowly but surely mend the parts

She will learn that experiences however bad will make her grow
And like her mother she would gain the strength to overcome all obstacles
My end will only be her beginning
And without me she will go on to become anything
Regardless of her imperfections and her flaws
Because she comes from a lineage of warriors

Overall I’ll teach her of gratitude
How to be thankful
For everything she is and will be
I will teach her of where faith has taken me
And how far she could go if she just believes

The Kid you couldn’t help

By now I must be the kid who committed suicide
A lot of you are probably wondering what went wrong
Well what did you know about me before I committed suicide?

Did you notice how I would stare into thin air?
Thinking of the many places I’d rather be
Did you notice how I would never speak?
Unless necessary and even then I mostly squeak
You probably didn’t
you were part of those people who merely ignored me
Those people who reminded me I was a nobody

No you didn’t say it but you didn’t have to
I could hear it loud enough from your actions
The little laughs at my expense
The assumptions that I can’t speak for my lack of sense
When all I wanted were friends

No you didn’t notice my hate from the lack of love
My rage cause I knew I deserved better
My envy for the people it seemed God loved more
The depression that grew from the realization that I would never get there

You’re probably now wondering why you never noticed
Well the signs were there if you cared enough to look
Maybe you could have changed my mind, maybe you couldn’t
Well no need for regrets
This is only one story of a kid you couldn’t help.

Love Hate

Felt like I was on a new high
Felt the happiness flame up like fire
Even in the dark you were my eternal light
Nothing could have possibly felt this right

It seemed like life was at its blissful peak
And yet I’ve never felt so weak
But it didn’t matter
Cause you were there and I had my happily ever after

But the end came later than sooner
And reality hit with its sad humor
To have gotten so far
But to find out in the end that it was nothing but a farce
To find out I was nothing of importance
More like an actress with a performance

But that’s life you know
With sadness lurking in every hole
And just like everything else
Love buried in all that lies
Still inevitably dies

Perfect Stranger

I may never admit this to you
But I noticed you noticing me
And even from the far distance
You already captivated me

I know better than to talk to strangers
I know of all the possible risks
But if you had walked past me
I may have shocked us both by taking the lead

Much to my relief
You stopped in front of me
And although you said the silliest thing
Just staring at your face filled me with need
After that everything you said became the perfect thing


Ever thought how you’d end?

What the future would be like?

What people would have to say when you die?


The way we choose to live today is likely to affect tomorrow

The way we treat others is likely to follow

The things we have said will surely reflect

The actions we have done we’d bear their effect

Whatever we think of ourselves would not in the end matter

Its whatever we make of ourselves that would affect the latter

The sins we have committed we would eventually bear its consequences

The souls we destroyed we would certainly bear their vengeances

The things we should have done or shouldn’t have done would pile as regrets

The regrets would eventually turn to bitterness

With just bitterness the end would only seem meaningless

This is only for those who have lived or are living life so clueless

But For those who have lived and are living life righteously

Those who are willing to gain their labour’s fruit patiently

Those whose words have only brought blessings

Whose actions have gained cheering

Whose life is worth remembering

who treated others with kindness

Who no matter the hardship only lived with brightness

For those the end would surely come with gracefulness

The life we should live should be one we could account for

The kind of life where even in the end there are little regrets

Where the funeral would be a grand event

Where our name would forever be known for generations to come

But of course for only the good we have done


I say this in the memory of the great life of a legend

Whose name would forever be said with praise

Who would be known for the inspiration he raised

Muhammed Ali was a man of greatness

And he would be remembered for that greatness

May his soul rest in perfect piece.