The Pursuit

┬áPeople always seem to be chasing after something, money, revenge, love, happiness, material things, success and so on. But there’s ever only a few of us who actually achieve what we set out to get and the reason for that varies, sometimes it’s because we aim to get the impossible or we don’t give our all in achieving them.

I’m pretty sure you already know the importance of having a plan. But right now I’d like to educate you on how to make a well laid plan not just any plan. The thing is our dreams are only as possible as much and as well as we plan for them. To purse the dream is only the first step, to attain you would need more dedication.

The first thing to do as you plan is; know the reason why you have decided to pursue that goal. When I say know the reason, I mean you should have a detailed objective that you’ll met as you attain that goal, the more important you make the dream, the more dedicated you will be to pursue it. Simply put ensure there’s passion behind that dream.

Next, you should do a feasibility test of your dream. How possible is it to achieve such dream, do I have the certain knowledge to attain this dream, can I do it all by myself or would I need to get help. Know the requirements of the dream, it’s not enough to want it, you should know how to get it. For example if you have a desired university, it’s not enough to want to go there, you must know their requirements and try to meet up with it.

Next, have a time span for the achievement to this goal. Schedule yourself, know the different phases in the attainment of your dream and have a certain time allocated to it. This will keep you on your toes so that you don’t procrastinate or become lazy. For example if your dream is to have a doctorate degree by 25 then you know you’d have to make a schedule on when you’d finish Uni then masters then finally PHD at the given time.

Next, make a budget. Most dreams today require money, even when you hope to gain money you would still need money to get money. Make a price list of your dream, each phase of your dream should have a budget. This will help you ensure you have the right capital to undergo your dream and that you don’t get stuck somewhere.

Finally, find all the possible risks that could negatively or positively affect your dream. Have a back up plan when one of the important variables in attaining your dream fails. For example, a bad investment.

But before embarking on all this you must realize that life is very unpredictable and the more you wait for something to happen the possible less it will happen. The more you allow yourself to pursue something form afar, the farther it gets away. Dreaming is not enough, pursue that dream with all you’ve got and attain it before it gets too late!