We must not let the efforts of those who fought for our freedom go to waste. We are humans and deserve to be treated as such. Black Lives Matter…


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter – Martin Luther King

The question is what should matter?

I believe it should matter that innocent lives are being taken, it should matter that people have to be cautious because of their skin color or the race they belong too. Worst of all I believe that it should matter that those said to uphold the law and protect the innocent are the ones we should be most cautious of even when guilty of nothing. When we are left to take the laws into our own hands is when they begin to take action on what is right and wrong.

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves -Abraham Lincoln

If at this age and time we are still left fighting for Black rights and security then what was the point of the efforts and sacrifices of the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Lincoln Alexander, Maya Angelo, Marcus Gravey, Rosa Parks, Zora Neale Hurtson and many more?! What exactly did they risk their lives for? What gospel did they spend most of their lives preaching? Yet years after their long and painful efforts we are still fighting for the same cause, still fearing for our lives, still cant find peace in the place we call home and just all because we have a different skin colour. If you cant see a problem with that then am afriad your humanity needs a check. We must not let the efforts of those who fought for our freedom go to waste. We are humans and deserve to be treated as such.

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world – Paul Farmer

All lives matter period. And if we still have to point that out at this advanced stage of the world then we need to question the kind of civilization we live in, we need a find the difference between the babarism that we advanced from and the so called civilization we are in right now. The kind of civilization where the police kill the innocents? Where the innocents are forced to take matter into their hands and become guilty? Where the innocents face punishments for crimes they were moved to commit, while the real culprits are left to continue with this backwards civilization. No one can tell me that they cannot see the problem with this. But we must understand that wrong will always continue to be wrong regardless of the reason it was done. And that to fight viloence with violence will only kill what one intends to acheive with it.

We must stand and fight for what matters the most to us but the fight using our voices will get us farther than violence ever will and with all our limbs intact. – Bolanle Onilogbo


We have been wronged. These people have been wronged. We seek justice and peace and that cannot be achieved by violence. We must fight in a manner that we cannot be silenced, violence only gives them an excuse to have us silenced.


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Why Education…

So this has been bothering me for sometime now…

I’ve heard a lot of people say things like formal education isn’t as necessary as people make it seem. That the streets can teach you more than a school can and that rather than waste money on education for such a long period of time it would be better to use the money to start up a buisness or something.

Now I find school as tiring as anyone would and sometimes would like to strangle myself just to end my misery but I understand the need for proper education, which is why I put up with it…well that and because I don’t have a choice. Now I’m saying this because not everyone truly understand the reason for education, most people see it as an inconvenience and waste of money.

I don’t doubt that real life can teach you a lot of things but those lessons  come with experience. Formal education equips you with knowledge on all aspects of life and then allows you to centre on the aspect you prefer the most. Such that when you come across different problems not related to your profession you could still deal with them and not give excuses like “I never learnt that”. Such that your not looked down upon for not knowing certain things. And that you have many options to pick from. But most of all you learn a lot without the trouble of terrible experiences…that your not left wondering how different life would be if you had taken education more seriously.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying education guarantees your success in life, i’m only saying education gets you halfway there, the other half becomes much easier with the series of knowledge you’ve gained but that depends on how you use it.

It’s important that we fully understand the importance of an education now that we have the privilege to have it and not regret later that we didn’t take it seriously or didn’t think to finish it.

Now there will be people that would tell you differently and that may even have achieved a great deal without a formal eucation but bear it in mind that we aren’t all wunderkinds…some of us need a proper education to be accomplished. Its better to have it and not need it than to discard it and eventually need it.

In my opinion education matters and must come first.


So I had a conversation with a friend some days ago and we were talking about the best age difference in a relationship which then diverted to what is acceptable and unacceptable of a man. Now the conversation ended with her saying she’s going to pray for me. I tell her to pray for God to give me the man I want and not for something like changing the way I think.

In my opinion why must there be some unwritten law of what a woman should do or not and what a man should do and not do?…Yes I am a feminist if that’s what your thinking… I Just feel that if love is as wonderful as they say then it must at least be understanding. A loving husband would help is wife same as a loving wife would help her husband. If i’m coming home after a long trip the least you could do is let me come home to a clean house, i dont want to hear excuses of how you’re a man and you don’t clean. If am tired and still cook a meal for you the least you could do is get the dishes. I am not saying this should be a regular occurance but once in a while the action would be welcome, heck you could even get someone to do it if she hates it that much. If you truly love someone is it still so hard to go that extra mile???

They say a wife must respect her husband and he likewise. But as much as respect is difficult to earn it’s much more easy to loose. How is a woman to respect a man if she continiously treats him like a chid? How is she to respect you if she continiously cleans up after you. You might thinks its okay because she never complains but mind you that’s all the more dangerous because one day she’d loose it and i believe the Bible said it is better for a man to be alone in the desert than live with a quarrelsome wife. Some women might say it’s alright so far they just forgive and endure but should marriage be at the cost of your happiness?? Well i think not.

A man should know how to take care of himself without his mother or wife, that kind of man is the kind i’d love take care of, where knowing he could do it all by himself makes me want to do it all the more, where knowing he could as well do it for me makes me want to do him all the more (wink).

For me it’s the little things that count in love same as it’s the little things that destroy it. I honestly believe that the only reason we women are said to nag a lot is because we feel we are living with kids who need to be nagged and not men to be respected, now if this happens to be constant it’s only a matter of time….

If you also feel the need to pray for me then please pray the Lord sees my heart and sends me a man of that calibar and not a prayer for my thoughts to change for i will continue to reject that. I Refuse to be Unhappy!

And just to point out the word “unfaithful” does not just fall under adultery, it also means to be deceitful. Lies could easily destroy your relationship as much as cheating.

And for all who are wondering what the best age difference is in a relationship well that’s entirely up to you. His character would determine his real age, for even the old guys can be the most childish and the young the most mature. But i personaly hate men who dictate to me the most so nothing more than five years for me.

Thanks for taking your time read this. Please let’s comment what we think and take time to read the others…


Ever thought how you’d end?

What the future would be like?

What people would have to say when you die?


The way we choose to live today is likely to affect tomorrow

The way we treat others is likely to follow

The things we have said will surely reflect

The actions we have done we’d bear their effect

Whatever we think of ourselves would not in the end matter

Its whatever we make of ourselves that would affect the latter

The sins we have committed we would eventually bear its consequences

The souls we destroyed we would certainly bear their vengeances

The things we should have done or shouldn’t have done would pile as regrets

The regrets would eventually turn to bitterness

With just bitterness the end would only seem meaningless

This is only for those who have lived or are living life so clueless

But For those who have lived and are living life righteously

Those who are willing to gain their labour’s fruit patiently

Those whose words have only brought blessings

Whose actions have gained cheering

Whose life is worth remembering

who treated others with kindness

Who no matter the hardship only lived with brightness

For those the end would surely come with gracefulness

The life we should live should be one we could account for

The kind of life where even in the end there are little regrets

Where the funeral would be a grand event

Where our name would forever be known for generations to come

But of course for only the good we have done


I say this in the memory of the great life of a legend

Whose name would forever be said with praise

Who would be known for the inspiration he raised

Muhammed Ali was a man of greatness

And he would be remembered for that greatness

May his soul rest in perfect piece.



Words as Weapons

Hello again…

I’ve been doubting whether am cut out for this and if I’d even have the time…but I’ve decided not to think so hard on it and just go with the flow.

So anyway, last week I was having a chat with my friend who has a friend with relationship issues. They were suppose to get married soon but apparently they’ve been fighting and they finally ended things last week amicably. Now I’ve heard the guys part of the story and its easy to put all the blame on the girl but I’ve decided its none of my business especially since I don’t even know the whole story, I’ve only seen it form the guys perspective.

The word perspective is what I want to lay emphasis on today. Even the word perspective has different perspectives… We look up at the same stars but see such different things. Its easy to say things from our perspective and judge it in the same manner with no regards for how others might view it and in the end it is we who got it wrong, its our perspective that has fault.

It’s so easy to say a lot of things on how we see something or even someone, its so easy to judge even when we don’t know the whole story, its so easy to be the negative narrator of a story you don’t even know and at the end of the day we’ve caused more harm, sometimes to the point of death.

We see victims only were we want to, forgetting that even those who are guilty are also victims. Ingnoring the fact that maybe in the course of fighting for herself or fighting for what she believed in she killed him, ignoring the fact that maybe he with his painful words turned her into a killer…but in the end he died and its her fault and she is forever punished for it.

What is the difference between a man who uses a gun to start a war and a man who uses his words to start a war. We say a lot of things we don’t know, we throw our words recklessly judging people, accusing people, judging religion, accusing religion and in the end the real victims try to fight the injustice, albeit wrongly but that may be the only option they were given and in the course of fighting for justice they are misled by evil and instead create more victims in place of their unjust treatment. Still again they are forever condemned for their reaction to the action that we spoke.

What you say can make or break a person. If evil is he who commits sin, and the devil is he who makes man commit sin, then you whose words have led others to sin makes you…?

We must first find the reason to the problem if we are to find the solution to prevent it. We wonder why people are so easily misled by evil, but we never realize that what we say might have led them to it.

Words are similar to weapons, fired wrongly and they can kill a person or in this case lead a person to kill.





So someone once told me they’d like to know what goes on in my head. Well I don’t think there’s a single answer for that. But if I had to give an answer it’d probably be ‘a lot really’. Am one of those people who have so many experiences in their head but haven’t really gone through them. I feel we don’t always have to be taught by actual experience to know better.

But then some things are best learnt with experience, some of which can be extremely painful. But I’d like to reduce that as much as possible for me and those of you reading this…

Which brings us to the reason for this blog.  Aside the fact that i need to spend my time more productivly, this is an insight to what I think and why I think it…an insight to what I’ve learnt with and without the pain of experience.

I look forward to sharing.